Monday 19 Jan 09

Last night just before going to sleep I came up with the idea of using a butler to walk on screen with a tray of Donato’s butties and saying “here’s your fresh Donato’s sandwich sir”. I was thinking this could be used in several ways; one could be as the logo for the product as it shows class and freshness.


Another idea was to have the rapper of sandwiches depicting one of four country scenes one for each of the fillings of the sandwiches, the background colours of the carton could also be in a colour that best fits the filling like blue for fish, green for vegetable, off white for chicken and a light brown for meat.


The thuird idea is a flash movie again with the intro of a butler with the butties then we zero in on the sandwich that has various icons scattered around it each depicting a process or item to do with the filling and how they are fresh and wholesome.  


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