Data Collection

Dave gave me an good idea on what to do with the Data brief and how to best display the data i had found and this was to have a small animated flash clip of the different types of wheelchairs moving across the screen and ending up at the percentage mark of the type that were counted. there are a lot of ways in which this little exercise could be expanded, we could get in contact with shop-mobility and find out how the figure change on a daily bases or what percentage of the chairs are used by male and female clients. we could also use sensors on the chairs to see how often each chair is used and what kind of mileage they rack up in a given time, we could also check on the weight that the chair has to carry and see if this has a corresponding effect on the maintenance the chairs have to undergo. That could also be a sensitive topic as some of the users may object due to the thought they may get restricted because of their size but it would help the company make more informed decisions as to when these chairs needed overhauling.



I have been thinking of ways in which i can get the philharmonic brief more interactive, i have already decided that i want both light and movement in the way of water jets for this piece and i thought a good place to display it would be in the Albert Dock in Liverpool. The control would come from sensors placed around the dock to pick movement up and start the light show along with the music from the philharmonic, to do this i will be utilizing processing for the control aspect and the arduino or something to trigger the lights and water pumps to run. I know that i haven’t got time to build a full rig and  i don’t think i have the required skills to set it all up but i intend to build a small mockup of the unit and try to get processing to trigger the necessary outputs from Arduino.