Day trip to the local A+E

Holiday started of well with me spending the first afternoon in the local A+E department with a 4 hour nose bleed and got to go back tomorrow so again haven’t been able to start any work but am looking forward to seeing what the others have done.


Dissertation Proposal

I am no good at writing this blog I can never think of thing to say which is the same when it comes to write this proposal, I just don’t know what I’m going to write my dissertation on. I know its got to be on my subject area but that is such a big area and trying to narrow it down to a subject that not only satisfies the criteria, plenty of material to research and it is both interesting to write about cos whats the point of writing something that no one wants to read.


I don’t know about anyone else but thank god that is over and we have a chance to catch up at a bit more leisurely pace. i know I’ve still got things to do on my projects but at least i willn’t feel so pressured.

an Answer for Graham Stringer MP

Some MP’s have no idea of what they are talking about; take Graham Stringer, Labour MP for Manchester, Blackley. I suffer quite badly from Dyslexia and it did not matter how much my teachers or my parents tried to help with my spelling and grammar I am still not able to string sentences together without loads of mistakes.

I have learnt to cope with this disability (and it is a disability) through the help of numerous special needs tutors and a computer. If this MP thinks that literacy is the coarse of so much crime wouldn’t it be better campaigning for more funding to help with the problem rather than taking the legs out from under the people that are working to help the sufferers?

There is no way in which this or any other MP could know what someone who suffers with Dyslexia has to go through on a daily bases, the humiliation and the frustration of not being able to communicate with others is degrading enough without an ill informed small minded person talking through their backside to put them down even more.